Patty Griffin

“Patty Griffin (born Patricia Jean Griffin on March 16, 1964) is an American Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter and musician. Known for her stripped-down songwriting style centered around the folk music genre, her songs have been covered by a host of musicians including Emmylou Harris, Ellis Paul, Rory Block, and the Dixie Chicks.”



This was one of my first caricatures I did back in college of Benecio Del Toro.  The drawing is barely larger than a thumbnail sketch, but what really stands out is the type, “Toro Toro.”  The font was from a letraset sleeve one of my favorite professors, Bill Womack, gave me several months before he passed away.



Float like a Butterfly

Last night I did not sleep. Instead I stayed up drawing. I remember doing this sort of thing in college and at the Illustration Academy with other sleep deprived caffeine junkies, but that’s been years ago. Crazy thing is, I loved it then and I still do now. I was completely at peace and happy.

I wasn’t working on my next masterpiece by any means but I was in the zone and I ran with it. I hope you enjoy the drawings of my art filled sleepless night.