Morphing: III

I decided that I wanted to paint a “traditional” portrait. A bust of a woman with a strong profile. I chose a book of portraits by Rembrandt as my reference. Mostly for ideas for background colors and composition. I am using a limited palette of Naples Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Ultramarine Blue, and Titanium White. I used this palette with my first Morphing painting and I had a lot of positive feedback, so I’m trying it again.

I’m posting my final value thumbnail, the layout, and a detail of it now. Hopefully, I’ll be posting the final painting in the next few days.

Great Horned Owl

I started the owl painting some time ago(7months) with the help of Janelle and we lost interest in it pretty quickly. I think it might have been because I started working on the detail way to early. I didn’t see a way it could be resolved at that stage of the game, so naturally I got bored, turned the painting around, and moved on to something else.

Well, lately I’ve been creatively amped up. I’m drawing and painting all of the time, throwing acrylic on canvas even working on more than one piece at a time. At some point this past week, I pulled the canvas out from behind the easel and decided to finish the owl painting. All I needed to do was wash out all of the detail and add a few minimal touches here and there and voilà.

Landscape at Cheekwood

For those of you who have been lucky enough to visit Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum you will know that this is one of the most beautiful and peaceful location in Tennessee. For the artists out there, each direction you look there is another vision waiting to be photographed, drawn, or painted.

This past Father’s Day I had the opportunity to set up my easel, paints, and palette knives and start a painting in the Herb Garden. It wasn’t long after I set up, children and entire families came up to me to see what I was doing. It was a fun experience talking with the kids and parents about painting and art. A couple hours later I finished my painting, packed up and headed home with a piece of art that captures a small glimpse of what Cheekwood has to offer. I’m sure to be back again and again.