Sounds fishy to me

I am working on a series of fish paintings that include trout, bass, crappies, and bluegill. Recently, I expanded the series to include some other creatures, as well, such as a pirahna, blue shark, lion fish, angler fish, and a hunchback whale.  

When I began the series, I painted with watercolor, gouache, and acrylic. Then slowly incorporated FW acrylic ink that I am now using almost exclusively on the smaller pieces. The paintings range from 3×5, 16×20, and I just completed a painting of a trout that is 36×72 (acrylic on panel). It will soon be on display at Plaza Art in Nashville, TN. 

I appreciate the beauty and design of these animals after taking a little time to study my fishy subjects. They are primal and elegant and I hope I do them justice.