“You have a gift.

Perhaps you have thought it was in your hands.

It isn’t.

Your gift is in your vision.

Your gift is not in the brush stroke, the pencil line, the shaping of clay; it is in the seeing.  Vision cannot be learned.  Perhaps you have thought your gift would make the art itself easy.

It won’t.

It only makes it necessary.

As you struggle for breath, you will struggle to give your vision shape and form, to move from inspiration to incarnation.

Perhaps you have feared there is no room in the work for artists.

There is.

Your gift makes meaning for others.  You inform them, entertain them, prod them, and provoke them.  You show them hope and truth.  Your vision and your work honor them.

You have a gift.

Honor it.”

I copied this quote in to my high school senior year sketchbook 13 years ago.

Honus Wagner

Honus Wagner, was born on Feb. 24, 1874.  I read several websites and became quite intrigued by, “The Flying Dutchman,” not only for his natural ability and statistics, but for his passion for the game and respect for his fans.

“Known as the “Mona Lisa of baseball cards” the Honus Wagner baseball card was printed in 1909 by the Piedmont Cigarette Company as part of a tobacco promotion, but was recalled almost immediately at the request of Honus Wagner, who objected because he did not want to set a bad example for children.”

These cards are so rare, a near mint condition baseball card was sold at auction for $2.8 million in 2007.