Painting Outside

I love painting outside. Image



winter days

Winter time weather seems to be a deterrent for some people. That’s fine by me cause it gives me time to draw…


On this exceptionally slow day I couldn’t help myself from drawing…


Today, with uninterrupted time, my imagination runs free…




piece of trash


Last week I got really excited about working a half day and decided to paint at the park. I knew I had a couple hours to paint before the predicted freezing temps later that evening.

That morning in anticipation for a moment in plain air I packed my travel easel, paints, brushes, and almost everything I needed into the trunk of the car. Unfortunately, in my eagerness to be one with nature, I forgot my canvas. It wasn’t until I unloaded the car and hiked about twenty minutes before I realized I had nothing to paint on.

My head was hanging low on the way back to the car when I spotted a discarded cardboard box. I was never happier to see a piece of trash. I painted for about an hour before the sun started going down… and here it is.