Dr. Sketchy’s: Beautiful Women and Smooth Jazz

I had a fun time at Dr. Sketchy’s last night. The place was packed with extremely talented artists, sexy burlesque dancers, and great music. I was lucky enough to finish this drawing in permanent marker and prismacolor markers. What’s even cooler is that I got all the guys in the band, the Diego Eight, and the model for the evening, Diletta Delight, to sign my sketch. Thanks everybody!!!

Landscape with Horses Part II

Below you will see the nail biting phases of my painting process. There were some tense moments where I thought I completely messed everything up, but now I feel that I’m close to the finish line. I still want to tweak a few things about the anatomy of the horse and add some warm highlights to the head, neck, and back.

Special Thank You to Janelle for helping with the comp. and color.

Landscape with Horses

Here are a few thumbnails for a new painting I’m working on this month. I’ll do a value study and color study before starting on the final painting. I’ll project and trace the thumbnail onto the canvas and start working with palette knives to block in shapes. Hopefully, I can restrain myself from looking at my photo references until the last few touches are needed to avoid noodling and fussing with the details too early on in the process.