Morphing: III

I decided that I wanted to paint a “traditional” portrait. A bust of a woman with a strong profile. I chose a book of portraits by Rembrandt as my reference. Mostly for ideas for background colors and composition. I am using a limited palette of Naples Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Ultramarine Blue, and Titanium White. I used this palette with my first Morphing painting and I had a lot of positive feedback, so I’m trying it again.

I’m posting my final value thumbnail, the layout, and a detail of it now. Hopefully, I’ll be posting the final painting in the next few days.


I took a photo of the Color Garden at Cheekwood last summer with the soul intention of using it for reference in a painting one day. Well, that day, entire week actually, has finally arrived. I think I’m almost finished. I’m on the fence on whether to call it done or work in a few mid-ground details. I feel that it could benefit from a bit more depth. What do you think?

en plein aire

I love when an opportunity arises where I’m able to grab my painting kit and canvas and spend a couple hours en plein aire. Janelle has been volunteering several hours a week working in the garden of the historic Croft plantation home at the Nashville Zoo so I decided to tag along yesterday. This small painting was the outcome of an hour and half standing outside in the gorgeous surroundings and beautiful weather. I had a great time and can’t wait to go back and paint another scene.