Going Out sketches

I try to remember to bring my sketchbook with me whenever I go out with Janelle or with friends, because its the perfect opportunity to practice drawing from life. People are fun to draw but usually difficult do to the fact that they’re always moving around. Not to mention most people experience a wide array of emotions when they know that they’re being drawn or at least think they are. Some people freeze up, become rigid, and keep throwing those side long glances trying to see if I’m doing them justice. Confusion or curiosity seem to be the most common reaction. There are people who ask me to draw them, I usually do but always have business cards on hand to give out and say Commissions Always Welcome. And of course every once in awhile I have someone who says, “Boy, you better not be drawing me.” That’s when I sort of mime that I was actually drawing the person behind them and quickly turn the page. In that case it’s not always “safe” to draw people.

So in the words of the very cool and very talented Brent Watkinson, “Draw your Drink.”

more from R+J

Here are a couple more pieces from the R + J collaborative series that I’m proud to show off. Ever since Janelle and I painted our first collaboration I couldn’t wait to start on another piece. We’ve been working on these two for quite awhile and I love the feeling of accomplishment when we finally sign them and know we’ve done a good job. Despite having completely different painting and working styles we have a great time painting together.

I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them.