a piece unknown almost there

My last entry involving, a piece unknown, was somewhat lackluster. My head was just junk jumbling and jostling gibberish around (say that five times fast ha!). It was hard for me to grasp onto anything long enough to write it down let alone paint something.

That, however, is no longer the case. The last couple of days the thought of a bird kept reappearing; a swan beautiful and white, but I didn’t know where to go with it after that idea. Then I read yet another article about birds and fish from around the world dying of unknown causes. The first report I heard was on the red wing black birds (energetic and dark). I disregarded the swan, but maintaining the bird theme I started painting. The blackbird symbolizes the tie to Nature, Earth, water, Sky, song, breath, sickness, death. I thought about the second report of thousands of dead Drum Fish washing up on river banks in Arkansas. Large, strong, hunger, famine, worry, why are these animals dying. I continued painting.

I attached photos of my progress below. I’m not quite done but I’m close.