a piece unknown continued

I’m in my head. That’s not always a good thing, because I’m blocking all of the creative freedom of exploration I mentioned in the previous post.

I’m over thinking every little bit of this painting without making much progress. I’ve thought up and then disregarded so many ideas. That is not what this painting was supposed to be… OH well… I’m frustrated with myself.

this is the progress shot so far…

a piece unknown

When I start a painting, I typically have between an inkling and a exact vision of the outcome of the piece. Today, I am starting a piece unknown that I’m going to let flow on fancy and whim or whatever the topic of the week might be -> at least at first. I am going to allow myself the freedom to explore different subjects on the same canvas and then as I begin to cultivate these images and ideas with paint, brushes, and palette knives… I think we’ll just see where it takes me. To tell you the truth I have no idea if this will be good, but it’s all about the exploration, right?

First part: Women carrying baby…(unfinished do to hunger)

Likeness Sketchbook

It’s been some time since I’ve tried to draw the likenesses of celebrities just to see if I can manipulate a face or personality and retain familiarity. I can’t pinpoint a specific reason but I tend to draw musicians more often than other genres of society. Maybe it’s because when I listen to their music I feel like they’re opening themselves up to interpretation. Allowing us, the spectator, to glimpse a little of their souls. Lately, for me, drawing has become easier to capture a likeness and hopefully a mood if I know somewhat about my subject. I think my art and the process of creating it is becoming more personal to me and I like that feeling.