Backyards First Snow

I began a painting on this canvas that was ugly and getting rapidly worse. I started what I thought was a majestic rolling hillside with the colors of a sunrise, or a sunset, or a midday on Saturn. Either way I did not have a clear vision of what I was going to do plus color is a challenge for me do to being colorblind. If I go past using three colors on my palette I end up with shades that never existed before and for good reason. After asking what Janelle thought of my work so far, she winced then quickly said she thought she heard the timer for the oven going off and hurried out of my studio. It was bad and I needed a break.

The next morning I woke up and looked out my bedroom window to see two or three inches of snow covering my back yard. The picture that I am posting below is the revised version of my original landscape. I tossed my brushes to the side and pulled out the trusty palette knives. I threw away the old palette and began fresh with Burnt Umber, Ultramarine Blue, Natural Gray Warm, and Titanium White. You can still see some of the colors coming through but other than that I painted completely over everything. I’m very happy with this piece. Keep it simple and good things will happen.

one year ago

This painting that I started over a year ago has been sitting against my studio wall collecting dust just waiting to be finished. And now that it is, I feel a sense of relief and would like to share the completed version with you.


This painting of the Smug Turtle started out as just something fun to do while passing the time between shows and commissions. I learned a lot through the process of creating this piece. I wish now that I took progress photos of all that came and gone to show you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.