Self Portrait series

I’ve been creatively artless for almost a month and I felt like I was ready to explode. It’s difficult for me to work work and work at a “normal job”, in my case three normal jobs, without taking the time to draw paint or even doodle. Time is truly precious. I thought that I didn’t have any because of my 70ish hour work weeks. The time that I’ve been putting into my day and night jobs has made me sacrifice so much, including my body and my art. Like many of the people I work with, I’m the type of person that works through pain until the job is done. There’s no choice. Since things have slowed down at work, I’ve taken this opportunity to start a self portrait series. It is very similar to a written journal of thoughts and feelings, this is more like a visual journal that I’m creating.

everything may or may not need an explanation or you can read in to it as much or as little as you want. these drawings are for me but i want to share it with you.