The Showroom Gallery

This Saturday, April 3rd was the First Saturday Art Crawl here in Nashville TN. I was asked by Sera Davis, owner of The Showroom Gallery, to be apart of a group show of regional artists. I was not given a lot of prep time or much notice to get my work together and issues with the USPS and a certain frame shop didn’t help my stress level. BUT with the help of my mother, who was absolutely amazing in going through my storage, finding the exact pieces I needed, and shipping my work to me from Florida to Tennessee, I probably would not have been able to be apart of the show. So, THANKS MOM.

I was excited about this exhibit because it allowed me to showcase my original Portrait/Caricature work of my Popular Music Series. I received a lot of encouraging feedback about the work. It was a fun night and I look forward to more shows like this in the future.

Studio 83, 5themes15artists

This was a fun evening filled with creative artists and a great crowd. I’m uploading a few pictures from the night of the show including the interactive part of the night with Dr. Sketchy’s model Miss Lolly Pop. 15 artists participated in the show. All artists painted 1 interpretation each of the 5 themes given, making a grand total of 75 pieces of art. The themes ranged from “Snow White and the 7 (blank) ” to “Other Characters Dorothy Might Have Met On The Yellow Brick Road.”

Alf as a Professional Break Dancer

The Lost Panty Raiders of Oz

Icky Mickey

The Invention of the Brussel-Beets

Snow White and the Seven Ewoks