5themes, 15artists

The fifteen parties involved are all Nashville-area artists that have varied styles of work and have all participated in art shows both in town and around the country. Jeff Bertrand, who is curating the show, has experience with both spray paint cans and tattoo guns but perfers to use the paint brush to express himself these days. He has shown work both locally and around the country including San Francisco and Los Angeles. Joining him will be Memphis-based illustrator Michelle Duckworth, painter and graphic designer Heather Crook, and Savannah College of Art and Design graduate Anjeanette Illustration.
Three Clarksville area artists, Pop Surrealist Brandt Hardin, watercolor painter and Austin Peay Graduate Aimee Davidson, and Charles V. Bennett whose watercolor and acrylic works will make the viewer cringe and smile at the same time will be showcased. Icon Tattoo artsits Rachel Napier (who says she is inspired by the artwork of traditional tattoos) and Shannon Wages (founding member of Bad Apple Art Studio) as well as Kustom Thrills tattoo artist Jonny Lashley will bring their backgrounds and influences to this art show. An artist who is new to the area, Dustin Dirt, will bring his acrylic and foam-core creations to the show along with Brenan Sharp, whose work can be seen around town in establishments such as Jackson’s Bar and Bistro and 3rd and Lindsley. Rounding out this varied and talented group of artists will be Erin Lord, whose artwork will make you laugh, cry, and everything in between along with Brooke E. who considers herself a ‘lowbrow whimsical’ surrealist, and caricature-illustrator Randy McQuien, JR.

5themes, 15artists MARCH 27th